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          Tech news from around the world!

          Microsoft Cortana0

          The next major Windows 10 update could bring big changes to Cortana

          Microsoft’s drive to continuously update Windows 10 and its features looks set to continue, with a...

          Microsoft Edge0

          Microsoft Edge preview builds for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

          Microsoft relesed preview builds from the Microsoft Edge Canary channel available on Windows 7, Windows 8,...

          Wordpress Security0

          These Wi-Fi extenders are vulnerable to hacking

          Using Wi-Fi extenders? Security researchers from IBM have found a critical loophole with TP-link extenders that...

          Microsoft To-Do0

          Microsoft To-Do 1.58

          Once upon a time, Wunderlist was the go-to application for creating reminders, tasks and other to-do...


          Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Upgrade Warning

          Spotted by the eagle eyes of?Windows Latest, Microsoft has?warned?users that its new?KB4503327 security upgrade can cause...


          Mozilla urges Firefox users to update browser immediately due to vulnerability

          Following the discovery of a zero-day vulnerability in its browser, Mozilla is urging Firefox users to...

          Google Chrome0

          Google Chrome extension lets users report suspicious sites

          The Web is both a wonderful and frightening place where one can learn things and also...


          Google Calendar is down and organised people are raging

          Google has an unhealthy amount of control over our lives. Reports are coming through that the...


          A bug in Wi-Fi ‘extenders’ could give a hacker full control over the devices

          If you’re looking to strengthen the?Wi-Fi signal in your home or business, be sure the equipment...


          Microsoft finally releases Hyper-V Server 2019

          The Windows 10 October 2018/1809 release was Microsoft’s most problematic feature update wave (so far, anyway)....

          Opera Browser0

          Opera 60.0.3255.160

          Opera for computers is a fast and secure browser trusted by millions of users. With the...

          Windows Update0

          Windows 10 update will intentionally break some Bluetooth connections

          Windows 10 updates have become a game of chance. You almost never know when an update...

          Microsoft Azure0

          Microsoft warns Azure customers of Exim worm

          Microsoft has issued a warning to Azure customers on Friday about a Linux worm spreading via...

          Windows Patch0

          Windows’ latest patches crash Event Viewer: But Microsoft has temporary fix

          Microsoft has confirmed that its latest updates for Windows 10 and below cause a problem in...


          How to get Windows 10 cheap (or even for free)

          Yes, you can get a properly activated version of Windows 10 for free.

          Google Chrome0

          Mozilla, Google patch security issues in Thunderbird and Chrome

          The Mozilla Foundation and Google released “high” rated security updates for Thunderbird and Chrome, respectively.

          Google Network0

          Google Pay will no longer let UK users send money to friends

          Peer-to-peer payments will be discontinued on September 6th.


          Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18917

          Hello Windows Insiders, today Microsoft are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview?Build 18917 (20H1)?to Windows Insiders in...